Japan's Industrialization

  1. Which is an accurate difference between industrialization in Japan and Western Europe?

    Japan had a wider range of natural resources to fuel their industries.
    The government was much more involved in Japan's industrialization.
    Japan only focused on producing steel and iron for war production.
    Trade played a much smaller role in Japan's industrialization.
  2. Which best explains why Japan sought to build its empire during the Meiji Era?

    It did not have enough raw materials to fuel its industry.
    It needed money to pay for the high costs of industrialization.
    It wanted to spread their industrial expertise to its neighbors.
    It lacked the labor force needed to run their factories and mines.
  3. Which of the following was a result of Japan's industrialization on the working class?

    Taxes decreased as the economy and production improved.
    Education grew unimportant and more children went to work.
    Women were excluded from the labor force in favor of men.
    Many factory workers experienced poor working conditions.