Cambodia: 1970-1979

Although not bordering China, Cambodia was close enough to be influenced by China. A pro-American leader took power in 1970 and allowed the Vietnam War to spread into Cambodia. The U.S. took this opportunity to bomb suspected Communist bases within the borders of Cambodia.

Map of Cambodia

Map of Cambodia [1]

As a result of these events, the previous leader of Cambodia, the Royal Prince of Cambodia, joined forces with the Cambodian communists. Both China and Vietnam provided money, food, and weapons to the struggling Cambodian communists. With these supplies, the Cambodian communists then started a civil war in Cambodia, which they won in 1975.

Soon after the end of the civil war, the Cambodian communists and Vietnam had disagreements over their borders. A small border war broke out. Vietnam then invaded Cambodia in 1975. China, which was having problems of its own with Vietnam, continued to support the Cambodian communists. This conflict continued from 1975 to 1979, but the Vietnamese eventually won the conflict. Following the war, the Cambodian communists hid themselves in the thick jungles of western Cambodia.


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