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Unit 1: Redefining World Society and Culture

Lesson C: Rise and Fall of the Classical and Medieval World

Activity 2: Rise of Empires

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Classroom Activity - Rise of Empires


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Directions: In the last activity, you examined the concept of empire and explored the Roman Empire. In this activity, you will complete a jigsaw activity about the Rise of Empires. As you work in your assigned group, record notes on how the empires were both similar and different from the Roman Empire. Each group will present their empire(s).

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Group 1: Byzantine

Group 2: South Asia

Group 3: Han, Tang, and Song

Group 4: Mongols

Group 5: West Africa

Group 6: Mayan, Aztec, and Incan

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Directions: After completing the jigsaw activity, test your knowledge of classical and medieval empires.

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