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Unit 4: Nationalism, Industrialism, and Imperialism

Lesson B: Resistance to European Rule in India and SE Asia

Activity 4: Examining Perspective - The Capture of the King

Directions: Examine each image from the perspective of a British supporter of imperialism and also from the perspective of an Indian who does not support imperialism.

This image was in a book entitled, "The Indian Empire" that was published in 1860. As you recall, because of the Sepoy Mutiny/Great Rebellion and the following rebellion, the British government officially took control of all of India. This included removing the Emperor (king) from power.

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Written Activity - Notebook

Think about the different perspectives that the British and Indians might have had during imperialism. In your notebook, respond to the following questions about this image:

  • How might a British person who supported imperialism view this image?
  • How might an Indian view this image?
  • Why might these two interpretations be different?