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Unit 3: Revolutions and Reaction

Lesson B: Out with the Old World and in with the New

Activity 4: Causes of Revolution

The French Revolution occurred in 1789. Like many revolutions, it was not caused by one event, but by a series of events and circumstances.

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Written Activity - Notebook

In your notebook, respond to the following question:

  • Think about the conditions in France prior to the revolution. Create a list of possible causes of the French Revolution.


Interactive IconDirections: Read each cause and then drag it to the French, American, or Both columns. Use the buttons provided to check the latest move or, when you are done, check the whole question.


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Classroom Activity - Comparing American and French Revolutions

Discussion Icon Discussion

Directions: Prepare a response to the discussion questions below. Follow your teacher's directions to participate in your class discussion.

  • What are the similarities and differences between the American Revolution and the French Revolution?
  • What was the most important cause of each revolution?
  • Do you think the French Revolution would have occurred if the American Revolution had not occurred?

Download Icon Select the link to review the Discussion Scoring Tool (pdf).


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