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Unit 2: How Trade and Travel Changed the World

Lesson A: Costs and Benefits of Trade

Activity 2: Early Trade Networks

In the previous activity, the roles of trade in early empires, as well as your own life, were discussed. Think about the role of trade in the creation and strength of early modern empires of the 14th-16th century during the following activity. As you view the presentation, take notes about how each empire used trade.

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Presentation Activity - Trade and Empires 1300-1550

Mini Lesson Presentation Mini Lesson

When you are ready, select the play button below the image to learn about Trade and Empires 1300-1550.

Mini Presentation

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Interactive IconDirections: Read each description and then drag the correct empire next to it. Use the buttons provided to check the latest move or, when you are done, check the whole question.

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Written Activity - Notebook

In your notebook, respond to the following question:

  • How did leaders in Africa and Asia use trade to help build empires?