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Unit 2: How Trade and Travel Changed the World

Lesson F: Renaissance and Reformation

Activity 3: Rebirth of European Art

The art and architecture of the Renaissance reflected the changes of the era. The artists of the Renaissance used humanism as a basis for their paintings and sculptures. Architecture expressed cultural changes as well. These changes from medieval art and architecture represented an important shift in cultural expression.

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Presentation Activity - The Changes of the Renaissance

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As you learned in the opening of the lesson, historians now debate the degree to which the Renaissance was actually a "rebirth" of the arts, or simply a new historical period following the accomplishments of the Medieval Period.

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Classroom Activity - Renaissance Era or Rebirth


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  • Based on the events of the Medieval Period, is it accurate to call the Renaissance a "rebirth" of culture? Why or why not?
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Now that you have learned about the changes to art and architecture during the Renaissance, go on to the next activity to investigate the accomplishments of one of the most significant individuals of the Renaissance.