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Unit 2: How Trade and Travel Changed the World

Lesson E: Rise of Early Europe

Activity 1: Black Death, Royal War and the End of Feudalism

The Medieval Period, or "Middle Ages", that followed the Classical Period is often broken into the early, middle, and late periods. The late period was a time of transition, during which culture and government changed to more modern forms. The mini-lesson that follows discusses the reasons for these changes.

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Presentation Activity - Black Death, Royal War, and the End of Feudalism

Mini Lesson Presentation Mini Lesson

Before you view the presentation:

Download Icon Download the Student Resource: End of Feudalism Graphic Organizer (doc).

View the presentation:

When you are ready, select the play button below the image to learn about the Black Death, Royal War, and the End of Feudalism.

Mini Presentation

After you view the presentation:

Use the information you recorded in the graphic organizer to prepare for the assessment that follows in the next activity.

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