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Unit 3: Revolutions and Reaction

Lesson C: Impact of the Atlantic Revolutions on Europe

Activity 5: The Congress of Vienna

By 1815, Napoleon was defeated and the absolute monarchs of Europe had successfully regained power. The next question became, what should be done with France? For the monarchs, this was a question of survival and power. France's revolution of the people had led a path straight to Napoleon, who had nearly destroyed their reign as leaders. This could never be allowed to happen again. It was time to push back.

The leaders of France, Austria, Prussia, Russia, and Great Britain met to discuss what would become of France and the rest of Europe at the Congress of Vienna. The leaders were able to agree on two basic goals: 1) maintain a balance of power and 2) preserve the traditional monarchies of Europe.

interactive iconDirections: Move your mouse over each person to learn more about who was at the meeting at the Congress of Vienna.