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Unit 2: How Trade and Travel Changed the World

Lesson G: Avenues of Change in Africa

Activity 4: East African Trade and the Swahili Coast

Travel and trade impacted kingdoms in East Africa as well starting in the 1400s. Select "Start" to begin the following simulation and learn about the impact of trade on the economy and culture of East Africans. As you follow the journey south down the coast of East Africa, read about the effects of trade on African populations.

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Written Activity - Student Resource

Answer the East Africa questions on Part II of your Student Resource: Islam and Trade in Africa 1300-1550 Graphic Organizer (doc).

  • What present day countries are in the region?
  • What African kingdoms and city-states were in the region?
  • How did contact and trade with Europeans impact African economy, culture and politics?

Now that you have learned about the impact of long distance contact and trade in East and West Africa, move on to the next activity to assess your learning.