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Unit 1: Redefining World Society and Culture

Lesson E: Travel and Trade in the Pre-Modern Era

Opening: Push and Pull Factors

People can be pushed out of places and pulled to other places. For example, during war, some people might be "pushed" from a country. These people are often pushed from their homes forcing them to move to new places. This is an example of a push factor in human migration. Other people decide to move because of a new job or economic opportunity. This is an example of a pull factor. People are "pulled" to new places by opportunities. Sometimes, people are pushed from one place and pulled to another. For example, during war, people might be pushed from a country at war and decide to move to a country with a strong economy.


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Classroom Activity - Partner Collaboration: Analyzing Push and Pull Factors in Migration

Directions: In order to understand the push and pull factors in human migration, you will work with a partner to brainstorm some reasons that humans have migrated. You will then decide if they moved because of a push factor, a pull factor, or a combination of a push and a pull factor. Be prepared to share your completed worksheet with the class.

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