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Unit 5: Crisis and Change

Lesson B: Global Effects of a Total War

Key Terms

Key Term Definition
armistice agreement to stop conflict
blockade an effort to cut off food, supplies, communications, or trade from a country or region by force using ships or armies
doughboys American servicemen in World War I
isolationist a person or country who believes that his/her country is better served by not entering into any treaties, trade agreements, or alliances
League of Nations international organization founded at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919; precursor to the United Nations
mandates territories controlled by another country after World War I; including former German colonies by members of the League of Nations
pandemic disease that spreads throughout a large area, region, or the world
reparations money paid for damages
stalemate a state where no progress is being made
total war all available natural and human resources of a country are used by war
Treaty of Versailles agreement that ended World War I between Germany and the Allied Powers
trench warfare countries engaged in battles from man-made ditches; used in World War I


Directions: Practice using these key terms.


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