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Unit 5: Crisis and Change

Lesson E: Economic Depression and Political Collapse

Activity 2: Causes of the Great Depression

The Great Depression was a severe, international economic depression felt in the forms of huge drops in industrial production and stock market share prices, as well as major increases in bank failures and unemployment. The beginning of the Great Depression and the beginning of recovery from economic depression were different for different countries, but, for most, the Great Depression started around 1929 and lasted well into the late 1930s or even into the 1940s.

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Presentation Activity - Causes of the Great Depression

Mini Lesson Presentation Mini Lesson

When you are ready, select the play button to learn about Causes of the Great Depression. As you view the presentation, you may wish to record information about the events that led to the Great Depression to use in the discussion that follows.

Mini Presentation

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Written Activity - Notebook

Answer the following questions in your notebook.

  • What were the events that led to the Great Depression?
  • How did each event contribute to the Great Depression?