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Unit 3: Revolutions and Reaction

Lesson E: The Origins and Spread of the Industrial Revolution

Activity 3: A New Economic Cycle

The Enlightenment was a revolution of ideas; the Industrial Revolution was a revolution of ideas and technology. It was a change in the way things were created, and the speed in which they were created. Advances in technology allowed goods to be created for less money, which allowed more people to purchase the goods, which in turn led to even more demand for those and other goods. Technological change combined with a shift to capitalism changed how economies worked. More demand created the need for more jobs, which gave the people even more money, creating a new economic cycle in industrializing countries.

The graphic below demonstrates an economic cycle in place in industrializing countries.


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Classroom Activity - Economic Cycle

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  • What is the relationship between capitalism, technological change, and the new economic cycle?

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Now that you have learned about the changes to economic cycles, move on to evaluate the impact of specific events on the Industrial Revolution.