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Unit 5: Crisis and Change

Lesson F: The Failure of Democracy and Return of War

Activity 2: M.A.I.N. Review

Interactive IconDirections: Use the interactive below to review your understanding of the causes of World War II. Review each cause of World War II and decide if it is an example of militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism, or a combination of one or more by dragging it into the appropriate box. The images can be used in more than one box.


Directions: Use what you know about the beginnings of World War II and militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism to think about the following quotes. The first quote is from Albert Einstein, a refugee from Nazi Germany. The second quote is from W.L. George, a British journalist who died between World War I and World War II. Think about how this information applies to your understanding of World War II.

"You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." - Albert Einstein
"Wars teach us not to love our enemies, but to hate our allies." - W. L. George
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Classroom Activity - Causes of World War II

Discussion Icon Discussion

Directions: Include your thoughts about the quotes in your response to the following discussion prompt. Be sure to cite the category of the cause, historical evidence, and the role your identified events or concepts played in the outbreak of World War II.

  • What were the short- and long-term causes that caused World War II?
  • Was the beginning of World War II a failure of democracy?
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