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Unit 4: Nationalism, Industrialism, and Imperialism

Lesson G: Russian Desperation and the Ottoman Decline

Activity 2: The "Sick Man of Europe"

At one point in history, the Ottoman Empire was very powerful, but as the centuries passed, the Ottoman Empire declined in power. This decline in power led to internal challenges and external conflicts that changed the face of Europe and the Middle East.

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Presentation Activity - Ottoman Empire Became known as the "Sick Man of Europe"

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Before you view the presentation:

Notebook Icon As you view the following presentation, take notes in your notebook that focus on the reasons why the Ottoman Empire became known as the "Sick Man of Europe." Also note the internal reforms that the Ottoman Empire tried.

View the presentation:

When you are ready, select the play button to learn how the Ottoman Empire became known as the "Sick Man of Europe."

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