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Unit 1: Redefining World Society and Culture

Lesson A: Thinking Like a Historian

Activity 2: Using Historical Thinking Skills to Analyze Modern Issues

magnify Picture of protestors in China

Protesters on a Chinese Street, 2010. [1]

You have learned how to look at common events, like what happened at a prom, and analyze it like a detective. Using these historical thinking skills can help you analyze multiple perspectives and decide what most likely happened.

Often historians must look at competing historical accounts and draw conclusions as to the most accurate interpretation of an event. The same thing happens today. As global citizens we have to examine documents from multiple sources and draw conclusions. One of the global citizenship issues now is freedom of expression. Let us use our historical thinking skills to examine this modern issue in one country.

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Presentation Activity - Freedom of Expression

Mini Lesson Presentation Mini Lesson

Before you view the presentation: Consider the question below. You will use historical thinking skills to analyze different accounts concerning freedom of expression in China and then draw conclusions regarding the state of freedom of expression in China today.

  • To what extent do the people of China have the right to freedom of expression?

View the presentation:

When you are ready, select the play button below the image to learn about Freedom of Expression.

Mini Presentation

After you the presentation: In your notebook, respond to the following question:

Download Icon Why is it important to compare multiple sources and consider the background of the authors of sources?

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Page Notes:

[1] Source: This image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Chinese_Protest_09Feb.jpg is in the public domain.