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Unit 3: Revolutions and Reaction

Lesson A: Conflict and Progress in the European World

Activity 3: Causes and Effects of Political Changes

Many of the events you have learned about in previous activities created the basis for democratic ideals of the modern period. The English Civil War and Glorious Revolution challenged the power of absolute monarchs and helped create a foundation for limited government and more representative political systems. These changes would soon make their way across the Atlantic to the Americas, and eventually to Asia and Africa.

Directions: Read each of the actions or "causes" and then match it with the correct impact or "effect."

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Printer Icon When you have completed the activity, print a copy of the answers and keep it in your notebook for reference.

The creation of limited government in England under the first permanent constitutional monarchy created a basis for global democratic change during the modern period. Use the information you learned in the activities thus far in the lesson as you learn more about the spread of ideas and the Enlightenment period.