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Unit 4: Nationalism, Industrialism, and Imperialism

Lesson B: Resistance to European Rule in India and SE Asia

Review and Assessment: Transformations in Southeast Asia


From the 18th through the 20th centuries, Europeans controlled large sections of South and Southeast Asia. The initial cause of this imperialism was the desire to secure resources. Other causes, such as the desire to build military and political power, also influenced the decisions to secure colonies. The Europeans were the main beneficiaries of colonialism. They gained wealth and power from the colonies. There were some benefits to the colonies including improved education and transportation systems. As time went on, native populations became more educated and noticed the imbalance between the wealth and political power of Europeans and native populations. This led to a rise in nationalism and sparked demands for independence. These calls for independence would not be answered until later in the 20th century, but this period set the stage for independence.

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An editorial is an opinion piece in a newspaper or on a news blog. Editorials look at an event from a certain perspective and attempt to get readers to agree with a certain opinion.

Think about the transformations that occurred throughout Southeast Asia and think about how people with different perspectives might view these transformations and colonialism as a whole. After thinking about this, complete the following editorial assignment.

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Editorial - Should European Countries Keep Asian Colonies?

Explain why European countries should or should not keep Asian colonies.

It is the year 1899 and you are a newspaper reporter. You have a news writing assignment to prepare an editorial about whether or not Europeans should keep their Asian colonies.

In your editorial,

  • Explain your position on whether or not Europeans should keep their Asian colonies.
  • Describe positive and negative transformations of European colonialism for both Europeans and Asians.
  • Include a persuasive argument that includes facts and details that support your argument.

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