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Unit 1: Redefining World Society and Culture

Lesson A: Thinking Like a Historian

Lesson Overview

image of magnifying glass focusing on world history Learning to think like a historian helps students develop skills for understanding both the past and the present. In this lesson, students learn some of the historical thinking skills that they will use throughout this course. These skills will also help students navigate the information highway and become well-informed global citizens.

Key Questions

  1. Why is it important to learn to think like a historian?
  2. How can I use historical thinking to understand the world in which I live?

Student Outcomes

  1. Describe the reasons to study history and the importance of keeping an active, inquiring, multi-perspective attitude.

Key Terms

Student Resources

Chart of Activities

Activities to Complete Estimated Time
Key Terms
5 minutes
Opening: Studying History
10 minutes
Activity 1: Why Study History?
25 minutes
Activity 2: Using Historical Thinking Skills to Analyze Modern Issues
10 minutes
Activity 3: Using Historical Thinking Skills to Analyze Global Rights
30 minutes
Review and Assessment
10 minutes
Lesson Summary
5 minutes

Lesson Completion Time

The total estimated time to complete this lesson is 95 minutes.