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Unit 3: Revolutions and Reaction

Lesson C: Impact of the Atlantic Revolutions on Europe

Review and Assessment: Change vs. Continuity in Europe


At the height of his power, Napoleon dominated continental Europe from the Atlantic Coast to Russia. Napoleon exercised the power of an absolute monarch, but provided an efficient government, established the Napoleonic Code, and restored friendly relations between France and the Roman Catholic Church. Following Napoleon's defeat, representatives from various countries met at the Congress of Vienna to reconstruct Europe. The Congress of Vienna strengthened monarchies throughout Europe. Groups of people throughout Europe were frustrated and demanded democratic reform. Groups of people throughout Europe demanded democratic reform. Although most revolutions failed, Europe continued to move toward democracy.

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Historians do not merely give their opinions about the past, they present hypotheses based on historical evidence. Historians use secondary documents to help them provide clues about what happened, and primary sources to build evidence to support their own claims about what happened. Over the course of this lesson you have been provided primary and secondary sources to help you come to your own conclusion about the role that Napoleon Bonaparte played in history. Think about these examples as you complete the BCR below.

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Brief Constructed Response - Change or Continuity

Following the French Revolution, did people in Europe experience more change or continuity in their lives?

  • Describe the ideals of the French Revolution.
  • Analyze the extent to which both Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna spread or limited the ideals of the French Revolution.
  • To what degree were revolutions throughout Europe successful?
  • Include details and examples to support your answer.

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