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Unit 2: How Trade and Travel Changed the World

Lesson G: Avenues of Change in Africa

Review and Assessment


The interactive map from the opening of the lesson containing key events from 1300-1550 showing the role of trade in world events is linked below. In this lesson you learned about the role of Islamic expansion and trade in the development of West and East Africa. Scroll over each continent and review the role of trade and political changes in the world. Discuss the questions that follow as directed by your teachers.

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Classroom Activity - Role of Trade


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Activator: The World 1300-1550

Directions: Select the activator link above to review the world map presented earlier in the lesson. This world map displays important events during the period 1300-1550. As you select each of the continents, discuss the following questions.

  • How do the events listed from the period 1300-1550 show the role of trade in exchanges between people of the world?
  • How does trade impact political events from the period?
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Select the link to review the Discussion Scoring Tool (pdf).


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During the period 1300-1550, European contact with native peoples increased along the West and East coasts of Africa. Long distance trade between Africans, Asians, and Europeans transformed the culture and economy of societies along the coasts of West and East Africa. European contact increased the exchange of goods via trade, but also posed challenges to existing African culture. Think about these examples as you complete the BCR below.

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Brief Constructed Response - Changes to West and East Africa

Describe the role of travel and trade in the events along the West and East coasts of Africa during the period 1300-1550.

  • How did increasing trade and European contact affect Africans in West Africa?
  • What were the cultural and economic impacts of trade on societies in East Africa?
  • Include details and examples to support your answer.

Download Icon Download the Student Resource: Changes to West and East Africa Brief Constructed Response (BCR) (doc).

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