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Unit 4: Nationalism, Industrialism, and Imperialism

Lesson A: Birth of the Imperial World

Activity 4: Western Responses to Imperialism

Imperialism had a tremendous impact on colonized countries, but it also changed the cultures of imperialist countries. Western imperial countries benefited greatly. However, not all Westerners agreed with imperialism. In this next activity you will examine the different responses to imperialism by Westerners. You will be asked to consider why Westerners might have different opinions of imperialism.

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Historical Investigation - Western Responses to Imperialism

Directions: For this activity, open the student resource titled "Historical Investigation - Western Responses to Imperialism." Use the documents to investigate the various Western responses to imperialism.

  1. Download Student Resource: Historical Investigation - Western Responses to Imperialism (doc).
  2. Select the link to review the how to complete a Historical Investigation.
  3. Submit your answers to the completed historical investigation to your teacher as instructed.


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Now that you have learned about the Western responses to imperialism, go to the classroom activity.

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Classroom Activity - Western Responses to Imperialism

Discussion Icon Discussion

Directions: Prepare a response to the discussion questions below. Follow your teacher's directions to participate in your class discussion.

  • Describe the different motives and responses to imperialism.
  • Why do you think there were so many different reactions to imperialism?
  • How might the perspectives of different people affect how they viewed imperialism?
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Select the link to review the Discussion Scoring Tool (pdf).


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