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Unit 1: Redefining World Society and Culture

Lesson B: Division and Diffusion — World Belief Systems

Activity 10: Relationship Between Religions and Governments

Religion often led to political unity among those who practiced the same religion. Normally, religions agreed on what relationship should exist between people, religions, religious leaders, and the government. In the following historical investigation you will examine some documents related to the relationship between religions and the government.

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Historical Investigation - The Relationship between Religion and Government

Directions: For this activity, open the student resource titled Historical Investigation - The Relationship between Religion and Government. Use the documents to determine how the perceived relationship between religion and government are similar and different in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

  1. Download the Student Resource: Historical Investigation - The Relationship Between Religion and the Government (doc).
  2. Select the link to review the how to complete a Historical Investigation.
  3. Submit your answers to the completed historical investigation to your teacher as instructed.


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